Friends of Willamette Blvd

The Friends of Willamette Blvd is a group of Portlanders who use, appreciate, and enjoy Willamette Blvd and want to make it a better place for everyone regardless if you are in a car, bicycle, or on foot.

Willamette Blvd is one of the most impressive and awe inspiring streets in Portland. It is impossible to use this street and not appreciate the view of Portland, the Willamette river for which the street gets it’s name, and Forest Park.

For decades Willamette Blvd has been dominated by fast automobiles. We advocate making it a safe place so that no matter how you travel you can appreciate this street. To do this we support measures that reduce reckless speeding and create a safe space for all users.

By making Willamette Blvd easier to walk along and cross as well as putting in a world class bike lanes we can make this street a safe place that build community and a sense of inspiration in Portland.

Join us by signing our letter to city council. 

501 people have signed it so far!

We also need people to call Transportation Commissioner Saltzman and tell them that the current repaving of Willamette Blvd is the perfect opportunity to make the road safer by:

  • Re-striping the road to make Willamette Blvd. safer for all users;
  • Removing the unused parking spaces,  allowing striping for wider, buffered bike lanes;
  • Adding a pedestrian space along the bluff to give neighbors safer access  to walk/jog along the bluff.

These simple, low-cost improvements will increase safety for all users.


Commissioner Dan Saltzman (in charge of transportation)-


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